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Commonly, people believe that each tarot card possesses a universal meaning that can be swiftly acquired from online tutorials or guidebooks. However, the truth reveals a clear storyline

The essence of each tarot card varies significantly among individuals. The understanding of tarot cards carefully combines itself into the fabric of personal circumstances and unique personalities.

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And That’s Exactly I Am Going To Teach In My “ Tarot Reading Workshop”

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This Workshop Will Cover Everything From Basics To Advance, Preparing You to Succeed by Boosting Your Ability in Tarot Reading…

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This Workshop Is For You

Have A Look at What My Previous Students Have To Say About The Workshop

Yes! I Want To Transform My Life!

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For Whom Is The Workshop For

Aspiring Tarot Reader

Job Professional







This Workshop Is Not Just About Learning Tarot Card Reading, But It Will Also Help You to Solve Real Life Problems For Yourself And Other People

Here’s The Difference You’ll See After Implementing Tarot Card Reading In Your Life

Before Workshop

After Workshop

Yes! I Want To Transform My Life!

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Meet Your Trainer:

Jessika Kaur

To be honest, Tarot Card Reading has impacted my life upside down. And today whatever I am, all credit goes to the Tarot Card Reading and Law of Attraction because of which today I am a self-made multimillionaire earning 7 figures a month, built my own empire single-handedly, won beauty creator of the Year 2018–19 from YouTube India, launched my own Ayurvedic Brand successfully named “Lavanya”, fulfilled my materialistic goals, bought a jeep, safari, & an endless list.

Well, my life was not like this always. For many years of my life, I was suffering from depression, loneliness, being overweight, heartbroken, and dealing with various diseases like OCD, BPD & yes a loser in my eyes. I had major panic attacks, multiple suicide attempts, suffered from a miscarriage & tons of struggles inside my freaking mind!

Generally, people make wrong promises, make a big hole in students’ pockets, and never deliver 100%. Well, I teach most elaborately so there’s no need to go anywhere for further knowledge. And that’s exactly why I am coming up with my Tarot Reading Workshop where I will not only give knowledge but also guide you on how to start working professionally as a Tarot reader.

Here I will equip you in terms of knowledge & building a tarot business to earn a decent income consistently.

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🎁 Bonus #1: Tarot content Calendar

The Tarot Content Calendar is a strategic tool designed to help you maintain a consistent and engaging online presence. This comprehensive calendar is tailored specifically for tarot enthusiasts like you, offering a month-by-month guide filled with captivating content ideas, prompts, and themes.

Priced: ₹ 2,999/-

🎁 Bonus #2: Tarot Business Course

This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully launch and expand your tarot business both online and offline. Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader looking to take your practice to the next level or a beginner eager to turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Priced: ₹ 2,999/-

🎁 Bonus #3: Tarot Cheat Sheet

Unlock the secrets of tarot with this comprehensive and handy Tarot Cheat Sheet. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your tarot skills, this cheat sheet is designed to provide you with instant access to essential tarot card meanings, symbolism, and interpretation techniques.

Priced: ₹ 3,999/-

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Total Value Of Bonuses: ₹9,997/-

Normal Workshop Ticket Price: ₹997

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Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop will be on (date) at (time)  and will be held on the Zoom App. 

Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

This workshop is for people who are interested & are passionate about Tarot Reading & want to make a professional career as a Tarot card reader.

Using tarot reading skills you can help yourself & your family, and friends, to solve their life problems and also make a good amount of ṣincome by working with clients.

  • Yes! This workshop is designed in a way that even a beginner with zero knowledge about Tarot can understand it. If you are open, coachable, and willing to serve others with the help of tarot cards skills, this workshop will be very helpful. 

Yes, there are already so many successful Tarot Card Readers who are making lakhs of rupees per month. If they can do it, it means the market exists & by developing your tarot skills you too can earn money by providing your tarot services. 

However, this varies from person to person, based on their level of commitment to learn, practice & work on their skills.

No, the workshop recordings will not be provided. We believe that the live interactive experience of the workshop is essential for optimal learning and engagement. 

Rs 299/- FREE

Become a Highly-Skilled Celebrity Tarot Reader